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Image of an adolescent with ADHD siting on the couch with her dog

ADHD Coaching & *Occupational Therapy 
Online Australia Wide 

Helping individuals and families impacted by ADHD to leverage their strengths so they can reach their full potential

*Medicare rebates may apply


I'm Natalie,

ADHD Coach & Occupational Therapist

Photo of Natalie Tanner-Black, ADHD Coach & Occupational Therapist

Get practical everyday  tools & strategies tailored to the ADHD brain.

Recognise & manage negative self-talk that gets in the way of your progress

Create habits the enable you to get stuff done (even the stuff that you avoid like the plague).

Book an initial consultation to explore how we can work together


Moda Coaching provides bespoke 1:1 coaching tailored to your specific needs, age and stage of life.

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