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Empowering teachers with  ADHD tools and strategies that support student learning

About Our School Consultancy Services

Moda Coaching offers guidance to schools on how to best meet the needs of student with ADHD. Our extensive experience working in schools provides a strong foundation for providing practical tips that factor in the high demands of classroom teaching. 

With our deep understanding of ADHD and how it impacts on school participation, we support teachers to make sense of how ADHD presents in students' abilities to plan, organise and initiate schoolwork task 

We tailor our services to schools based on their needs. Our offerings include:

- Teaching coaching (individual or group)

- Workshop delivery

- Classroom toolkits 

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 Years of experience working with students with additional needs as an Occupational Therapist

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School visits collaborating with teachers on  developing classroom 
accommodations that meet students's learning needs 

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Hours of 1:1 coaching

Our Expertise

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