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Group of young people with ADHD studying

ADHD Coaching for Students &
Young People


Empowering young people to manage their time, overcome overwhelm and successfully navigate school and university

Stuff we work on in coaching sessions

It is during the final years of high school or university years that the true extent of ADHD challenges can become evident for adolescents and young people, leaving them with a looming sense of overwhelm and  lack of control over studies.

ADHD Study Coaching can help young people and adolescents get back on track with their study so  they can achieve  the academic results that reflect their learning potential. 

Through the coaching process, young people learn about their ADHD symptoms and how to navigate life with executive function difficulties

Overall, an ADHD study coach can provide personalised guidance and support to help students navigate the specific challenges associated with ADHD and develop strategies that work for  them. They can empower students to reach their goals, improve their study skills, and lead a balanced and fulfilling life.


Coaching for young people focuses on:

  • Set life and study goals and mapping out an action plan to achieve these

  • Identify personal values and strengths that will support goal attainment and help re-evaluate one's self-worth

  • Design and implement practice effective and evidence based study strategies

  • Enhance self-awareness and strengthen one's relationship with ADHD 

Young person with ADHD studying


Natalie helps young people to  gain the confidence to achieve their goals. We do this by focusing on their strengths and by working with them to create small achievable steps towards their desired outcome

Executive Function 

We understand that difficulties with time management and planning get in the way of home and school/uni life. In partnership with young people, Natalie  guides them to build the skillset and the mindset to work around these challenges

Life Skills 

Juggling part-time work, study and spending time with friends can be tricky for young people. But for young people with ADHD, it is especially challenging. ADHD coaching reduces overwhelm by building life skills (such as time management, task planning and organisation), enabling young people to achieve their goals


Unhelpful thought patterns can interfere with with goal attainment and create blocks to progress for  young people with ADHD. Natalie supports young people to develop self- awareness so they can move towards self-management and positive self-talk

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